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Recycle your cardboard correctly.

Cardboard is an amazing material which if cared for and recycled properly, can be used again and again. At Junk Removers, we take away the cardboard that is cluttering up your space. Where appropriate, we recycle the cardboard. This reduces your costs, increases space, and can even lead to increased productivity.

Cardboard is able to be recycled because it is made out of particles of paper that can be cleaned, chopped up and reformed into new cardboard boxes. In fact, a majority of cardboard boxes in the world are now made from recycled materials.

Junk Removers handles the entire recycling process for you - From storage to collection. That way, all you have to do is tell us what to take away.

If you need junk removed from your home or business, call Junk Removers now on 0800 586 573 for a no-obligation, free onsite quote.