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Why Choose Junk Removers?

Junk Removers is the name to call when you need Auckland rubbish removal services. We have been serving the greater Auckland area for years and provide excellent rubbish collection services for businesses and residents. Whether you need to clean up after a big event or require regular rubbish removal from a large construction site, we are the business you need to call.

Our Rubbish Services

There are several reasons why you should consider Junk Removers if you need to remove the rubbish and debris from your property.

Free Quote: We offer a free quote for our services based on your needs. That way, you’ll know up front what it will cost. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges as everything is included in our free, no-obligation quote.

Recycling and Re-Use Methods: We not only dispose of the rubbish, we will also use recycling and reusable services when needed. Junk Removers is environmentally conscious when it comes to the proper disposal of rubbish. Therefore, if it can be recycled or even cleaned and re-used, we will take care of it.

Great Customer Service: We emphasize customer service from the moment you call our offices until the final piece of rubbish is removed. Our friendly, courteous staff will explain our services and answer your questions so that we can fully address your needs.

Additional Services

In addition, we also offer services that are tailored to meet your needs when it comes to the removal of rubbish from your property. Whether you are a home owner undergoing a major renovation or a construction firm that needs daily removals, we are here for you.

-       Wide Range of Services

-       Top of the Line Rubbish Disposal Trucks

-       Low, Competitive Prices

-       Clean the Area after the Rubbish is Picked Up

We have built our business around our service personnel who provide the best in services. That way, we keep our overhead low so that you pay less in getting top quality Auckland/Whangarei rubbish removal services for your needs. Our wide variety of trucks means that we can tailor our services to meet your needs and keep the prices down as well.

Afterwards, we even clean up the area where the rubbish collection occurred so that your staff can focus on their jobs. It’s no wonder that so many businesses and residents call upon our services to take care of the rubbish.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our years of experience have taught us that the customer’s needs must be met first and foremost. That’s why our first job is to listen to you so that our services can be tailored to do the job properly. We pride ourselves in providing the best in customer services which is why more people call on us to do the job. 

At Junk Removers, we offer the complete services you need to ensure that the rubbish is properly removed.