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The Ultimate Reusable Rubbish Bag.

The Fold Out Skip Bin Shown In This Photo is a 2 Cubic Metre Fold Out Skip Bin.

The Fold Out Skip Bin Shown In This Photo is a 2 Cubic Metre Fold Out Skip Bin.

Do you have an ongoing project? Cleaning the garden out? Want to contain a large amount of waste? In the middle of a renovation project? Don't want to worry about cleaning up after the silly season? Look no further! Our fold-out skip bins are the hassle-free alternative to ugly metal skip bins.

With our fold-out skip bins, there are no hireage costs, just a one-off purchasing fee + a collection fee. You get to keep the bag and reuse it as many times as you want. Take as long as you want to fill the bag, call us, and we will come and collect your rubbish. Following your initial order, you will receive a $10 discount for every pick-up thereafter. 

Fill it as you go,  or whenever you are ready to.  You get to use the bag again and again. Not only are they extremely durable, cost-effective, readily available, they are also a lot more flexible than your standard skip bin.

There are no restrictions on where your bag is located, however an additional fee may apply in situations where access if difficult.

Just like our bags, we are pretty flexible with what you fill them with too. We will accept pretty much anything - Toys, couches, hedge clippings, and everything in-between, including the kitchen sink! Our fold-out skip bins are also a perfect alternative to pricey garden bags. They are flexible and easy to store in-between seasons, but sturdy enough to carry any amount of garden waste when it comes to the time. The only items not permitted in the bags are wet paints, oils, and any forms of toxic waste (i.e. asbestos coated items).

So long as your waste fits within our weight and volume restrictions stated below, our bags will handle it.  If you're unsure as to whether or not we will take it, please contact us.


Why go through the hassle of hiring a trailer or truck? Let Junk Removers drop-off, or post out a fold-out skip bin to you today! Call us now on 0800 586 573 or email


$99.00 - 1 cubic metre - maximum weight of 200kgs.

$129.00 - 2 cubic metres - maximum weight of 400kgs.

$159.00 - 3 cubic metres - maximum weight of 600kgs.

Receive a further $10.00 off for every following pick-up.

*prices include x1 fold-out skip bin pick-up, postage or delivery, and GST.

Terms & Conditions of fold-out skip bins:

Waste in your fold-out skip bin must not exceed the top mark of the bag.

We will allow for a maximum of 50kgs extra in a fold-out skip bin at no extra charge.

Anything exceeding the top of the fold-out skip bin or more than 50kgs of extra weight will be added to your bill. We will always inform you of any extra cost before billing (approx. $20.00 per 100kg).

The bag must be located within 10 metres of vehicle access prior to being removed. An additional charge may apply if the bag is further away or difficult to access.

All "waste" must fit within the dimensions of the bin and must not exceed the top mark of the bag. 

Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Junk Removers for rubbish exceeding the height and volume of the fold-out skip bin.

Junk Removers reserves the right to deny the collection of a fold-out skip bin for any reason whatsoever.

If you need junk removed from your home or business, call Junk Removers now on 0800 586 573 for a no-obligation, free onsite quote.