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Junk Removers provides specialist waste removal services for construction, renovation and general building work. We know that it requires more than just picking up the trash. Junk Removers is builders and homeowners go-to rubbish removal company. We have the experience, equipment, and most importantly the willingness to work with you to get the job done. We do a job once and we do it right.

A construction company or even a small renovation job can create a considerable amount of waste, which requires a reliable rubbish removal service. For years, Auckland businesses have trusted Junk Removers to sort out their rubbish needs.

Using Junk Removers means that there is no need for an ugly skip bin.  Our team will come in and haul away your waste in one day. We work quietly and efficiently. This means that there is minimal disruption to you or your company. You can get on with the job whilst we worry about the cleaning.

Quiet Disposal Work: One of the most commonly overlooked elements when it comes to working in residential neighbourhoods is the amount of noise being produced. This is especially true when it comes to rubbish disposal as having big trucks and bins slamming tends to create a considerable amount of noise. However, using Junk Removers will create conditions that are quieter and cause less disruption. We are always vigilant of remaining quiet, yet efficient.

Greater Cost Containment: Junk Removers provides obligation-free, onsite quotes. Once a quote is accepted, the price won't change (so long as there aren't any surprises along the way). For many businesses, this saves them a considerable amount of time and money over the long run. Companies can be sure they are getting the best value-for-money service, every time.


The benefits of using Junk Removers for your building waste?


For construction and renovation companies in particular, proper rubbish collection plays a pivotal role in how they operate. Having the right rubbish removal company is key to keeping the area clear of trash and preventing the build up of waste materials. However, this does not apply solely to construction or renovations companies, but any business that regularly produces a considerable amount of waste.

In any case, calling Junk Removers is the first step towards taking care of your waste problems.