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Humans love to consume. In-fact, humanity has never consumed so much before. That means that there has never been so much waste in the world. That is where Junk Removers come in - We are a professional rubbish removal service that works for you. We are the best value-for-money removal service in Auckland!

Whether you have a molehill or a mountain of trash and rubbish to be removed, we can help. Operating seven days a week, Auckland-wide, Junk Removers specializes in junk removals and property clearing services. We make the cleaning of your property as stress free as possible.

What is a rubbish removal company?

We are more than just a trash collection service, our team of specialists are experts at hands-on waste removal. We remove your rubbish and trash, clean your yard, and haul your waste away. We have the equipment to handle any job, from big to small. Whether you are a commercial organisation, or a private residence - our rubbish removal company can take care of your needs.

Commercial companies benefit greatly from our services, especially those at construction or renovation sites with a large amount of waste to remove. We can even remove your old office furniture and waste paper.

For our residential customers, if you are having a spring-clean, party, or gathering, a professional refuse company removing the aftermath saves you time, money, and energy. From a small clean to a big party, we provide the services that you need.

Why choose our rubbish removal company?

Junk Removers has been in the industry for years. We provide a streamlined, stress-free, same-day rubbish removal service. We'll even give you a free on-site quote. Junk Removers gives you the most value-for-money when compared to any similar service in Auckland. Our staff are constant professionals who take pride in providing first-class service to all of our clients.

Waste and junk recycling?

In addition to properly disposing of any unusable waste, Junk Removers also recycles what waste we can in order to help protect the environment. Dependent on what is being removed, we will try our best to salvage any material that can be recycled. If possible, we donate it to charity and people in need.