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With green fingers like yours, your garden probably produces beautiful flowers, delicious crops, and unfortunately acres of unwanted rubbish, waste, and refuse. If you are clearing your garden, or plan on doing so, you will require the services of Junk Removers. Our garden and green waste removal and clearance services are fast and efficient. Let us do the dirty work for you while you watch your garden come back to life. Reclaim your green acres and let your green fingers get back to work.


Our professional team members are natural green fingers who are trained in the removal, clearance, and disposal of weeds, dirt, rubbish, refuse, and other waste that piles up in your garden. We have the proper equipment to get the job done, plus we  preserve your garden so that it will keep working for you.

We have equipment to clean up your garden area and remove acres of unwanted garden refuse such as bushes, branches, leaves, grass, turf, garden furniture, tools, etc.

Our service ensures that whatever rubbish you want cleared from your garden, will be gone by the time that we leave. We go over the area with our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

We sweep and rake the garden with our tools to ensure that the space is pristine. All rubbish, dirt, and debris is properly disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Also, our fold-out skip bins are specially designed garden bags which hold large amounts of green waste. With this service, you can take your time loading your garden rubbish, and then call us to come and dispose of the waste when you are ready. You even get to keep the bag to reuse!